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Development of Social Network

Development of Social Network

Social networks are an integral part of modern users lives. Adults and children plunge into the virtual world every day to chat with each other, share photos, music, and other actual information. The fact is that people are connected by the common interests and themes to discuss. One of our customers took into account this psychological phenomena and asked us to develop a social network that provides separate rooms dedicated to various topics. Due to the thematic newsfeed, users can easily find like-minded people and create a friendship.

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Development of ERP System

Development of ERP System

We help businessmen bring all their business processes together for easier collaboration, faster decision making, and overall improved productivity for the whole team, delivering the qualitative ERP systems. This case study presents one of the most scalable ERP systems developed by our team. The client's intention was to receive software which automatically creates tasks, milestones, deadlines, and monitors their performance.

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Development of Financial Management System

Development of Financial Management System

We developed the financial management system that belongs to the category of IOT (Internet Of Things). Its purpose is to help people save a lot of time as they don’t need to open a cash desk to check the actual amount of money. A system reads the data from certain devices via Bluetooth and presents proceed information to the user. Moreover, it automatically creates bank statements and sends them to his profile.

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Marketing Services

Our company offers a set of marketing services for those who are at the stage of entry as well as expansion on a global market. We use marketing technologies that allow to efficiently invest in capital and ensure a high profitability in a competitive environment.

The specialists from our marketing department have experience in conducting market research abroad and creating unique marketing concepts for successful promotions.

We'll help you stimulate the sales of your products (works, services), define a price policy, organize and manage communications with consumers.


  • Complex market analysis

  • Creation of the effective marketing strategies

  • Branding

  • Advertising and PR

  • SEO

Logo creation

We can create for your company a recognizable logo and a corporate identity, which for many years will be an integral part of your business success. Creation of the logotype and corporate style is a process that does not tolerate fuss nor frivolous attitude, since the result will influence your positions on the market. Therefore, a good logo should be memorable and not get lost in a general mass of similar logo templates.

Creation of the original graphic elements, color combinations, and fonts ensures the unity and singularity of the company's advertising and information materials.


  • Creation of unique logotypes and corporate style

  • Product naming

  • Creation of slogans and advertising texts

UI/UX Website & Mobile App Design

It is undoubted that UI/UX design is an important aspect of making a website or application work. Here at Computools we create exceptional designs by applying information architecture, interaction design, user interface design as well as visual design approaches and methods. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for creating the best-in-class concepts, prototypes, graphics, heuristic evaluations, expert reviews, and visual experience designs, then, you are in the right place indeed.


  • UI: App UI Design, Web UI Design, Illustrations, Micro-interactions, Responsive Design

  • UX: Wireframes, Prototypes, Best Experience, Responsive Design, UX for Web, UX for Apps

Web Development

The website is a very important tool for establishing a good communication with users and clients through the Internet. Our professionals have a high level of competence with web development and will help you solve different business tasks. Created web products are among the most effective ways of promoting company's services.

We choose the individualized approach to development according to the requirements and directions of your business.


We can create for you a website of any type and complexity.

  • Individual project: if you’re interested in implementing a non-standard web solution in the field of design and resource functionality.

  • Landing: there are two options - A pure Landing Page (pure html5 + native js) and a WordPress Landing Page.

  • Catalog: Designed to promote your own products and services.

  • Business card website: With its help you’ll be able to declare yourself and present your business.

  • Corporate website: Familiarize the visitors with your company, team, offered goods and so on...

Native Mobile Applications Development

We provide full cycle mobile applications development, including implementation of the server part. All technologies are selected according to the client's purposes. Our team can offer optimal solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms.

If you’re focused on a narrow target audience, the native mobile application development will meet your requirements. Moreover, due to the high performance and sophisticated custom functionality, it’s the best choice for complex projects.


  • Android native mobile applications - android SDK

  • IOS native mobile applications - iOS SDK

  • Windows phone native mobile applications - WPF

Native Software App Development

We provide full cycle desktop solution development, including both client applications and system services. Our developers are able to perform the tasks of any complexity connected with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


  • Windows. First of all we work with .net platform in C# and C++. For implementing complex projects we use WinAPI. It’s recommended to select WPF if you want to get the maximum performance.

  • Linux. We have a rich experience in implementing applications on * nix platforms based on the Qt library as well as in developing highly productive utilities and server solutions. The main language is C++.

  • MacOS. Using C++, Objective-C, and Swift, our team can provide you with the most optimal solution for macOS development.

Cross-platform Mobile Applications Development

If you’re interested in an all-inclusive application which runs on several platforms, while there having no requirements for maximum speed and complex functionality, we can offer the cross-platform mobile application development in Xamarin.

At the same time, our team is able to develop a multipurpose application for several platforms with higher performance and productivity. We use Qt5 technology to satisfy your wide target audience in spite of the large time costs. Also, this platform can serve as a base for desktop solutions, in case if you want to develop the auxiliary desktop version.


  • Cross-platform mobile applications with Xamarin

  • Cross-platform mobile applications with Qt5

Cross-platform Software App Development

We work with Qt 5 library based on C++. This approach allows for developing software, which also runs on mobile platforms. Desktop Java based solutions are among our capabilities, too.


  • Our team is able to develop any cross-platform software application using Qt 5 library and Java (JavaFx,AWT,SWT, SWING). By means of this stack of technologies, it is possible to create a productive software designed for different operating systems. Cross-platform option saves development time and budget.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and testing is a planned and systematic process that ensures that a software is completely tested and ready to meet customer's requirements and expectations. We provide custom software testing services as part of the software development process as well as allocate a dedicated team of testers for your project.

To ensure the quality of the product, we conduct continuous testing throughout the software development cycle. This allows for following standards at all stages, from analysis of the technical requirements to the implementation of a ready solution. Computools QA engineers have a rich experience in testing of various types of software: both simple applications and complex multi-platform software.


  • Testing of software, mobile applications, and web applications

  • Functional testing to analyze the functionality of a component or system

  • Automated testing to reduce time costs and simplify the process

  • Localization testing to check the correctness of the translation and adaptation of the interface elements to appropriate languages

  • Performance testing to ensure a reliable performance of the software at every stage of development

Marketing Services
Logo Creation
UI and UX Design
Web Development
Native Mobile App Development
Native Software App Development
Cross-platform Mobile App Development
Cross-platform Software App Development

Online Stores Development

In the field of Internet commerce, we offer CMS solutions with standard functionality and develop complex and productive systems with the necessary functionality from a scratch.


  • Online stores with WordPress Woocommerce: in case you want a non-loaded online store with pretty common functionality. You receive a set of standard plugins and components: a blog, content pages, contact forms, etc.

  • Online stores in Magento: in the event you need a simple online store without any non-standard functions and integrations with external sources. This solution is especially effective if you do not yet have a vision for the store.

  • PHP Frameworks based solution: if you’re interested in medium or large online stores, unusual application, and external integrations. This approach also supports the implementation of B2B, B2C, C2C solutions and auctions.

  • NodeJS Frameworks based solution provides the same possibilities as PHP Frameworks. Moreover, development of two applications for the backend and frontend allows to achieve the maximum modularity of the project and high speed of operation.

  • Java \ ASP.NET Frameworks based solution: in the case of you requiring a large online store, eCommerce system, Saas with high loading and potential scalability, and extensibility. It is a great choice if your IT infrastructure is already tied to this stack of technologies.

ERP Systems Development

We are able to develop a business process management software that allows for using a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Our team will help you find the most effective solution for promoting the prosperity of your business. Taking into account your objectives and relying on the great experience we have in developing ERP systems, your business will receive significant improvements, while you can concentrate on strategic tasks.


  • We develop server solutions based on Java, Node.js, ASP.NET, PHP, and Python.

  • Our developers can implement thin clients for mobile, web, and desktop systems.

  • If you have an already existing systems, we can make improvements, add specific functional and integrate it.

API Development

We implement the API systems of any complexity designed for performing various tasks.


  • NodeJS Frameworks based solution: for systems that do not require complex calculations but have a high load. It is a great choice for the development of chat clients and tracking systems on maps. However, it is weak in processing the large data sets.

  • Java\ASP.NET Frameworks based solution: for systems which require complex calculations, long transactions, complex integration with external systems, increased safety, and reliability.

  • PHP Frameworks based solution: for typical systems not tied to instant online communications.

  • Reach Web application \ Single page application: in the case of you being interested in a web applications with wide functionality, for example, a financial manager, an administrative panel of large portal, or a web interface for management system. We propose to select implementation based on Reach Web application as a client part and API as a server part.

Online Store
ERP System
API development

Creation of the dedicated teams

Thanks to our servicers, you’ll be able to get full cycle of software development. According to your goal and requirements, we will select an optimal team composition represented by high-level specialists, and organize the work process.


  • We provide qualified developers, QA engineers, designers, project managers, and analysts, who will help you customize the development process and establish the effective communication. If needed, you can always contact our leading experts to get professional advice and support in developing system architecture, and performing complex tasks.

Dedicated team