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Development of financial management system

Development of Financial Management System

industry: FinTech

We developed the financial management system that belongs to the category of IOT (Internet Of Things). Its purpose is to help people save a lot of time as they don’t need to open a cash desk to check the actual amount of money. A system reads the data from certain devices via Bluetooth and presents proceed information to the user. Moreover, it automatically creates bank statements and sends them to his profile.

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Gaming & Leisure

Do you like playing games and want to create your own fairy-tale characters, magic city or battlefield? We`ll help you turn your idea into a real game. Our specialists with great pleasure will provide you with an efficient development strategy, including planning, concept and design creation, programming, and promotion. We’re also ready to develop an advanced software for leisure, sport, and tourism in order to bring your customers a lot of fun and useful opportunities.

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ECommerce & Retail

New innovative software is the key to successful sales. Computools will help you create a special software for establishment of efficient communication with your customers and improvement of sales experience. We have high levels of expertise and practical knowledge on trading platforms and eCommerce websites development. Our team definitely knows how to create an online store which can engage the clients, increase the sales and total profit. We’ll find a solution that will promote your business.

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Software & Hi-Tech

Technologies continue to amaze us day by day. Augmented Reality solutions, Virtual Reality techniques, Artificial Intelligence development, IoT applications, what's next? Computools is always ready to implement even the most unbelievable ideas, providing full technical support and customer services. We’ll solve any of your technological problems and help you choose only winning solutions. Hurry to learn how our team can surprise you and your customers with hi-tech products.

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Healthcare & Life Science

Technologies outpace medicine. So, we tend to simplify the work processes in healthcare organizations, developing a special software that helps medical specialists to organize their work, diagnose more thoroughly, monitor the patients’ state, save time and energy. By means of our services you can create tools for increasing the chances of efficient therapy and prophylaxis of serious diseases. Moreover, we can develop scientific programs which will help you conduct productive research in a convenient way. Together we are able to save human lives and improve their quality.

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Any business process circulates around financial operations. So, with the help of modern software it is possible to save time and make all the calculations more accurate. Payment systems, Big Data analytics, automated programs and applications serve to facilitate finance management, track a budget, make transactions, and examine investments` performance. Computools specializes in development of software that records all the financial activity within a business organization.

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Media & Entertainment

Our society is involved in the flow of events and advertising. We’re aware of the lives of celebrities and their relationships due to the mass media channels. We always are in search of thrills and enjoyment. With our services you’ll be able to immerse users into another dimension through Virtual Reality, open access to global video portals, create your own online magazine, global social network or come up with any other great product for mass consumption.

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Real Estate & Property

Is your work connected with the daily sales of apartments, offices, cars or other property? Try to implement ERP system to balance business resources, integrate production and procedures, easily manage the finances and assets. Our team also has a large reserve of CRM approaches, so we know how to automate your interaction with clients, optimize marketing and make customer service better. Just experience how our software components can improve your business processes and communication with customers.

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Education & Human Resources

Software is the most effective solution for education. Educational establishments gradually are moving to the innovative ways of teaching and learning. We’ll be happy to create for you any type of dynamic learning environment, large educational portal, online attendance journal, training program or another useful app for increasing the academic performance. Development of a job search website or recruitment management system is also among our competence.

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