Development of Sales Platform - Computools

Development of Sales Platform - Computools

Development of sales platform

industry: Ecommerce & Retail

How often do you go shopping? A regular person visits a grocery store for buying bread or Snickers at least once a day. Fashion victims can spend hours exploring boutiques and showrooms. The athletes purchase sports clothing or equipment once per month. All of us almost every day are engaged in trade relations. To make these relations more reliable and mutually beneficial, our customer decided to develop a special sales platform by means of our web development services. We also suggested introducing the analytical system into this platform to give buyers and shop owners the possibility to analyze their economic activity as well as calculate the interest rate.

Nice bonuses

Both a buyer and shop owner can create cashback and perks, thanks to which the buyer will save money while purchasing the goods. Shop owners are provided with a useful administrative panel, where they can change the base of their users, and define what type of perks a particular buyer has. Naturally, we haven't forgotten about buyers and brought them a benefit in the form of convenient search for shops located within a 50 miles radius. To establish an effective communication in the buyer-supplier relationships, we developed the internal messaging system that allows all users to keep in touch with each other.

Secret of efficient sales platform

User-friendly interface, wide opportunities, and useful features are the key aspects of the effective sales platform. Thus, in accordance with the client's wishes and technical requirements, we developed a functionality which gives users the following possibilities:

  • to save money on purchases;
  • store owners can determine their customer base to make the regular clients the most advantageous offers;
  • creation of perks and cashback, thereby everyone can specify the percentage of cashback, start and end time of cashback;
  • users can create promotions and manage them (including deactivation of the promotion, for example on holidays and weekends);
  • sellers have the right to place their offers on 'Promotions Page'. Moreover, on the 'Customer Page' they can select the most active clients and offer them discounts, which the buyers will be able to accept or reject;
  • shop owners can confirm or reject promotions from certain users;
  • users can find out the expiration dates of promotional activity;
  • automated notification system;
  • convenient search for the shops located within a 50 miles radius that let a user know which stores can be found nearby, and he can also interact with them through the platform;
  • quick registration that helps save server resources;
  • adaptive design;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • large base of users who are already enjoying the use of this service.


Our goal was to develop a sales platform through which users will be able to create new promotions, assigning them to particular category (food, clothing, family, cafe, beauty), and edit the perks and cashback. We also had to give store owners the opportunity to view their clients and promotions in the form of tiles as well as browse and sort all this data by table.


  • First of all, we introduced the features of a new promotion creation and collection of data form, sending the data via Ajax request to the backend. It was also decided to update promotions, saving data during the creation and changing them after.
  • Shop owners can view and sort buyers in a convenient table due to the system which receives data from the backend and shows them in a table after passing several checks for the correct presentation. Introduction of a complex system of user access to various resources of platform (administrator controls all access rights).
  • We created the 'Customer page' with a search of data, filters, and sortings. The next section is a 'Promotions page' which displays data divided into categories. Here sellers can quickly find the necessary offering and set their own level, therefore a search will show only those offers that match the level. There's also an 'Administrator page' where users can activate or deactivate a desired access group to the specific page and give a group new permissions.
  • The last step was the development of an Internal Messaging System where sellers and buyers send messages to each other, and an administrator performs mass mailings to different categories of users.

Happy Customer

How convenient the shopping became! Now the interaction between participants of trade relations is more effective: the exchange of messages, notifications of new promotions, a map of the nearest stores, and the analytical system that controls economic activity. Thanks to this sales platform, our customer significantly improved and modernized his business, and gave both buyers and sellers the possibility of making successful sales and purchases.

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