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Development of a Mobile Application for the Ukrainian Premier League

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Are you fascinated by the universe, having a favorite team and players? Do you follow the news of famous soccer clubs and schedule of upcoming matches? Is it impossible for you to fall asleep without checking hot transfers, incredible goals and sensational events? For fulfilling all these goals pursued by Ukrainian football fans, the president of Ukrainian Premier League asked our team to create a large-scale mobile application.

Great opportunities for great fans

Taking into account the features Ukrainian football lovers are interested in, we decided to implement an Android and iOS application with a formalized display of the main events related to the UPL activity and the entire football sphere in general.

The users are provided with the following possibilities:

1. View the newsfeed with the fresh football news, schedule, live scores, and results.

2. Search news by players and clubs. Users can easily find the names of any football player or club and read the news related to them.

3. Read information about football clubs, starting from the year of foundation and ending with the latest news occurring on a team.

Soccer in detail

In addition to the general information, the application for Ukrainian Premier League provides specific data such as:

  • History of a club (year of foundation, emblem, coaching staff, etc).
  • Lists of players announced by division and season.
  • Lists of matches played by month, division, as well as lists of future matches.

Moreover, if a user wants to figure out some facts about a particular player, he/she can easily find them in a special section which describes:

  • His growth, weight, and a club he plays for.
  • A list of the past and upcoming matches with his participation.
  • Time and place of events he’s going to visit.

Keep abreast of the championships

Using our branded application, you’ll never miss significant information about current and upcoming championships, including:

  • tournament table with all football teams and scores;
  • schedule of matches;
  • statistics on the matches;
  • lists of forwards and backs;
  • lists of detached players.

To cover all areas of interest for Ukrainian fans, we proposed to the president of UPL to add a section with the next details:

  • the venue of a match, predicted temperature, and a number of spectators at the stadium;
  • the main events of the match;
  • a starting lineup;
  • a spare team;
  • a list of arbitrators.

Finally, our team introduced a photo section which presents the best moments of the matches and images of the stadiums with their characteristics.

Happy Customer

Sports are a sure way to a healthy body and spirit, especially if we’re talking about soccer. Even if you’re not a professional football player but still drawn to this type of sport and the Ukrainian Premier League, this application will not leave you indifferent. Find out any kind of information about your favourite football clubs and players, actual matches and their schedule, just by using the iOS or Android smartphone. The greatest advancement, is that the president of UPL drastically expanded the community of Ukrainian football lovers and launched a new era of digital soccer.

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