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Development of an online social networking service

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Development of an Online Social Networking Service

industry: Education & Human Resources

Have you ever got into a situation when you urgently required assistance, but couldn't find the right service? What did you do? Hope you repaired that crane or removed the fallen tree. To avoid such unpleasant events, one of our american customers came up with the idea of developing an online social networking service that helps neighbors make friends and help one another. As our team has great experience in web development, with pleasure we cooperated with the empathic businessman on this very useful community project.

Friendly and sympathetic neighbors

The main goal of this project was to make people’s lives more convenient and help them build friendships. So, we developed a great service which allows neighbors to get acquainted with each other, become closer, and ask for help in performing various household affairs on a mutually beneficial basis. Moreover, users are able to group according to common interests, spheres or intentions, and provide services on behalf of the leader of the group.

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A complex system in simple actions

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Talking about a technical part, we developed a special functionality which gives users the possibility of:

  • registering by means of Google+, Facebook API;
  • searching for a place of residence using Google Maps;
  • customizing a user profile;
  • viewing a profile through the eyes of other users;
  • uploading a specific own logo, banner and avatar in the profile settings;
  • choosing types of users with different roles and capabilities;
  • presenting (publishing) works to other users;
  • viewing job announcements;
  • sending a job request;
  • viewing the information about the users who have sent a job request or are already subscribed to work;
  • collecting statistics about the success of users who provide the services;
  • making money transactions for the paying of services through the Stripe API;
  • assessing the quality of the performed work;
  • evaluating the users who provide services;
  • viewing the information about new work on the main page;
  • searching for people or work, using an integrated search system;
  • following the news in own district.

Dynamic data configuration

Our customer paid particular attention to such development issues as:

  • installation of Sails.js framework, using modern APIs;
  • simultaneous downloading of several files to the server.

To meet the customer’s requirements, our team decided to create a new Sails environments for the dynamic management of the configuration data. In addition, we also used the Node.js Skipper module to implement the service for downloading several files on the server side, and formData() on the frontend side to transfer the images to server.

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Happy customer

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All in all, our attentive customer received the desired online social networking service with useful features and user-friendly interface. Thanks to his idea and contribution, now thousands of people can easily get the urgent help in different situations and affairs just in one click. Now it’s so easy to communicate with neighbors, meet new friends, and come to their aid at anytime. Even the most complex of tasks become easy if you perform them with a friend!

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