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Development of Photo Printing innovative Software which allows you to take a selfie and receive a cool photo card in seconds.

Development of Project Management Software

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Turn up the volume because we developed an exclusive tool for composers and their clients, which allows them to organize, classify, search, store, and share all types of digital media securely all in the cloud.

Creative idea of special software for audio professionals

Our team received a very interesting and unusual order: development of project management software with a user-friendly interface based on AJAX technology for maintaining mutual projects between composers and their clients. We studied a lot of similar programs to present our customer a well-developed product of high quality. Let's consider together which implemented features make this project management software so unique and useful. We'll explain to you how exactly we developed this functionality.

Development of Photo Printing innovative Software which allows you to take a selfie and receive a cool photo card in seconds.

Development of the page of a non-authorized user

When the user is not logged in, he receives a request in the address bar. Then the program opens a page with a description of the project and the user gets the option to sign in or register. To make the interaction with software more clear, our team of designers created an intuitive design and adjusted it to fit any screen size of different devices and resolutions.

Development of the page of authorized user

Our developers in accordance with the customer's wishes and requirements decided to choose a readymade Bootstrap template with the possibility to customize a theme further.

Development of the user registration form

We had to develop a modal window with the registration form on the welcome page and add email, and password input fields. When the user fills the email field, a system automatically checks whether this email is saved in a database. If it already exists in the database, it's not possible to send the form to the server. Otherwise, the form is sent and the user automatically authorizes in the system. Then he is redirected to the page “Project Management”.

Development of user authorization

The next task was to develop a modal window with the authorization form, which also contains e-mail and password input fields, on the welcome page. When the user sends a form without updating the page, a system displays an error if email and passwords are the same. If the system approves the entered email and password, a user is redirected to the page “Management of the projects”. On this page he can view all projects joined or created by him.

Creation of the “Project Page”

We developed a form with the Project title and Project Description input fields on the page “Creation of the Project”. Moreover, our team provided the possibility to add other users (including non-authorized users) to the project by email. After successful completion of the project creation, the user is redirected to the “Project Page”.

Creation of the page elements panel

We created and placed a special panel for adding page elements (sound files, to-do list, notes, invitation or any other files) on the top of “Project Page”.

Addition of the audio file to the project

When the user adds an audio file to the project, an animated form for adding audio files with the fields Audio Title, Audio File, Bitrate, Allow Download, Beeps, and a Watermark pops up. If the file is successfully added to the project, a block with audio file player automatically appears on the page, but a user is not able to make a previous revision.

Watermark uploading

A user can upload his own examples of watermark images to the profile.

Addition of the watermark to audio file

When a user downloads the audio file, he can choose and add a watermark from his profile.

Change of Audio Bitrate

When the user uploads the audio file, he can specify its further bitrate.

Addition of beeps to audio track

Our team introduced a special feature to protect the audio files from unauthorized downloads. All you need to do is to turn on the beep and set an interval.

Audio file player

This step was one of the most interesting challenges during the project development. Our team decided to develop the audio file player on the foundation of HTML5 Audio API. Thus, when a user downloads a file, a system analyzes it and forms a JSON file with audio samples according to the received data. In addition, we had to create the audio wave. This process was the equivalent to the jewelry work. We developed the audio wave in the audio player by means of HTML5 Canvas. As the result, the user can play the audio file, specifying the bit rate, adding a watermark, and turning on the beeps.

Possibility to comment the definite part of audio track

The user is able to leave and read comments on the particular part of the audio file in the audio player.

Addition of the to-do list to the project

When a user adds a to-do list to the project, the program automatically forms a to-do list block for tasks creation. Generally, it’s possible to mark the task as resolved and delete the to-do list. Furthermore, the user can add a stylized note with a yellow background and edit it in just one click.

Invitation to the project

With the help of this feature a user can easily and quickly invite other users to his project by email. The invited person immediately receives a pleasant message to join the project.

Happy Customer

How many music lovers have required such a service! Just imagine that now modern composers who create exclusive audio tracks can easily find interested customers and agree on cooperation. At the same time, people who need unique musical compositions now have the opportunity to find an appropriate composer online. Music tied us up - and it's true thanks to the inventors like our creative client!

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