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  • Development of Website for Trading Company
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  • Our team developed series of websites for trading company. It is the australian trading company which helps investors to benefit from the high-profit potential of the markets. Now we are maintaining created resources.
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  • What can you do with the help of these websites?
    The websites provide the information about trading company and add regularly updated data on current situation at FX trading markets.
    It is possible to create live and/or demo account. Users are able to manage fresh, cold and hot leads using Pardot and Salesforce system. They can also select a certain country/language/region specific version of website.
    All visitors can register on education portal of the website and study by means of the company's education materials.

    * We developed all the resources in accordance with the company's specific requirements.
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  • Challenges
    Our development team received definite tasks which were thoroughly thought over.
    It was necessary to redesign and clean a previous Salesforce system which hasn`t met the Salesforce standards. This ignorance of standards has led to improper structure of data, impossibility of exploring the benefits of Salesforce system, and conflicts with the corresponding records in Pardot system.
    We had to implement pardot forms on different websites using iframes or form handlers and Pardot API. In this way, the form performance won’t differ or make the outlook improper.
    All the data eventually should be stored in Salesforce and Pardot. Why? `Cause the usage of Pardot forms for creation of a step-by-step set of forms allows to carry out registration process very quickly and conveniently. You don`t need to spend a lot of time on design of external system to perform the same process and send the relevant data to Pardot system.
    One of the main tasks was to create an education portal for members.
  • Solutions
    After exploring the previous way, we treated and converted the leads. Studying company’s inner processes and changing the object usage in CRM, we developed the new system for Salesforce and Pardot. Our team also added Person Account support and deduplication of leads to Database.
    We created custom templates for each website and placeholder to avoid the empty space. Our developers made the output form, which looks great, and saved the whole functionality.
    We created a set of forms with the necessary fields and behaviour using Pardot in-built functionality, custom javascript, and Pardot “after-form-submission” script functionality.
    Have a look at our work (the main website of this trading company) in real time
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  • Project Technology:
    - PHP 5 and WordPress;
    - jQuery;
    - JavaScript;
    - HTML5;
    - CSS3;
    - Salesforce;
    - Pardot.

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