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  • Development of Video News Aggregator
    Do you prefer to watch news online or read newspapers? How about the usage of Video News Aggregator developed by our team?
  • Video Aggregator - how does it work?
    Video Aggregator is a web service that collects and organizes online videos from different resources. Our customer decided to create Video Aggregator that provides news videos. With the help of this service, users get immediate access to videos from various news sites and possibility of sorting them by interests.
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  • Development of Video News Aggregator from scratch
    Video News Aggregator is quite interesting and sophisticated project. To develop it hundreds of important aspects should be thoroughly thought out.
    - Video platform for news portal.
    - Registration and authorization forms.
    - Video catalogs.
    - Playlists.
    - Convenient scrolling.
    - User-friendly interface.
    - Ratings.
    - Video player.
    - Advanced Video Search.
    - User`s settings.
    - Possibility of writing comments to the video.
    - Project monitoring page.
  • Solutions
    Let’s discuss how we implemented all these features step-by-step:
    - Development of starting system.
    Our team of developers decided to create a starting system of aggregator in several directions, and write separate parsers for each source. Some parsers analyze a page of the news source and choose the video, which had not previously been added to database, due to the markup. Other parsers receive the content directly from the server in the form of XML responses with the specified parameters in the request. The obtained XML response is analyzed, and a system saves new videos in the database.
    - Development of registration and authorization forms.
    For registration and authorization forms we created a modal window that contains the input fields “username”, “email”, “password”, “repeat password”, and a table in the database with the fields “username”, “email”, “password”, “slat”. When the user is registering, system records “username”, “email”, encrypted “password”, encryption key “slat” in the table and creates a playlist with data of registration.
    We also created a modal window with a form that contains the input fields “email” and “password”. When the user is logging in, a search system finds him by email. Then the entered password is encrypted through “slat” and is compared with user`s password in the database. In case of coincidence, the user successfully logs in system.
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  • - Development of video catalogs and playlists.
    The next task we had to perform was creation of two video catalogs. The first catalogue includes videos sorted by date, the second catalogue includes videos sorted by popularity. Both catalogs include videos sorted by users` interests. The third catalogue contains user-created playlists sorted by date of creation. User is able to create a new playlist in the playlists catalogue.
    - Creation of convenient scrollbar.
    After the catalogues development, we introduced a customize scrollbar, which allows to unite the display and scroll bar functions in all browsers. Our developers also added a possibility to scroll the catalogs when hovering mouse pointer on the top or bottom part of the video catalog block.
  • - Creation of user-friendly interface (including ratings).
    With the help of HTML and CSS our team of designers created a visual template as well as a playlist interface. The fixed playlist interface block contains Playlist Controls and videos uploaded to the playlist. When user selects a video from the playlist, it automatically moves in center of the block. The user is able to turn off the playlist after a few seconds. Moreover, he can share the current playlist and rename it. By the way, it is possible to know the full duration time of playlist based on the duration of the each included video. In settings user can choose activate automatic Video Switcher function.
    To the playlist interface we also added the possibility to raise the popularity of each video. All the videos from catalogs provide this feature.
    - Development of video player.
    Our team decided to develop a video player based on html5 video api that can support functions of the playlist interface. Design of the video player matches the overall concept of project.
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  • - Development of advanced video search.
    We added the input field of the keywords at the top of website header. When the user enters the keywords, video search finds the relevant videos by title or description.
    Near the field with keywords there is an element that manages video search. This element opens a dialog window with search settings, where the user can specify the keywords, interval of the video publication date, range of the video ratings, video categories, video sources.
    - Introduction of user`s settings.
    We also implemented the user control. A gear icon opens a settings dialog box. In the dialog box user can select one of the following functions: the automatic Video Switcher, auto-shutdown, initial catalogue when opening the page, change the image, password recovery, change the email, video category by assorted video catalogs, video sources by assorted video catalogs.
  • - Addition of possibility to write comments.
    Below the block with video player and video catalogs we added a text input field for writing a comment to the video.
    - Creation of project monitoring page.
    The last feature we had to create was a hidden page with password. Only project administrators have access to this page. It displays the results of video aggregator system in the form of video graphics drawn on html5 Canvas. Project monitoring page also keeps a list of the banned users (they are not able to leave comments), and users who have a premium account.
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  • Project Technology
    Client’s part: HTML, CSS, HTML Video API, JavaScript, JQuery.
    Server part: Java 8, Jetty, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL.

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