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  • Development of Online Booking System for restaurants
    Food is not only a source of energy, it is also a source of fine fettle and positive emotions. So, to pamper the food lovers our team developed and designed the online booking system for restaurants. It is the Android application that provides information about the restaurants and other establishments, where the visitors can familiarize with the menu, reserve a table, and make an order in advance. Online booking systems allows business people to significantly save and manage their time, optimize business processes that, as a result, will increase the income.
    Online booking system advantages
  • With the help of our Android application a user can easily plan his rest and:
    view information about the restaurants (menu, prices, testimonials) and detailed description of each meal, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates;
    create a route from his current location to the certain establishment through Google Maps and calculate the required time for its reaching;
    reserve a table and make an order in the chosen establishment;
    rate the establishment and leave a testimonial;
    add the establishment to list of favourites;
    save the own orders;
    sort the establishments by various criteria (the nearest, the best rating, type).
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  • The main requirements our developers had to meet were a formation of the route from the current location to the point of destination through Google Maps and creation of Administration Mode.
    The Administration Mode is designed specially for owners of restaurants who want to add their establishments to the application system.
    By means of this mode the user should be able to:
    edit the contact information about his establishment;
    edit a menu of the establishment (photos, meals descriptions, categories);
    edit a preview which the visitors see when opening the page of establishment.
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  • For the route formation we decided to use the next scheme:
    A system defines the user's current location and his final destination. After that, it sends “Get” request to Google Direction Api, which, in its turn, gives a response of the json-type. This response informs us about: the movement time, path length, and provides the coded route. All in all, the route is decoded and transferred to Google Map.
    Our team of developers created the easy-to-use Administration Mode. So, how the owner of restaurant can add his establishment to the application system?
    Firstly, the owner needs to sign up and go to the settings screen, where he'll find a special section "Add the establishment" with registration window. After filling the necessary information, he receives the notification that his application will be proceed in a course of time. Once the application is processed, the owner becomes administrator and gets access to the menu "Edit the establishment."
  • “Edit the establishment” menu allows administrator to:
    - edit the contact information;
    - edit the menu;
    - edit the preview.
    In the contact information field the administrator can edit:
    - working hours;
    - type of cuisine;
    - phone;
    - address (not editable, is specified only during registration).
    In the menu field the administrator is able to:
    - create the category of meal (name, icon - choose from the already available icons or contact us);
    - add a meal to the certain category and describe it (name, image, calories, grams per serving, price).
    In the preview field the administrator can:
    - post several photos of his establishment;
    - write a description.
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Project Technology
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  • Android SDK;
    Google Play services;
    Google Technologies (Google maps, Google Directions);
    Reactive Extensions (RxJava, RxAndroid, RxBindings);
    Retrofit 2;

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